PageRank Update on September 14, 2010

We noticed some movements in some of our sites’s Google PageRank yesterday. We originally thought it was part of Google dance, but it appears that it was actually a minor PageRank update.

A few of our users have reported noticing similar minor changes in the Google PageRank of their websites. DigitalPoint forum users, particularly those who frequent the Google thread, likewise confirmed that a PageRank update occurred.

The PageRank update yesterday is considered minor for two reasons:

  1. The PR update only affected a small fraction of blogs and websites. In our case, only 3% of our blogs and websites were affected.
  2. Only blogs and websites that had PageRank 0 (zero) or PageRank N/A (unknown) were affected (at least based on our own observation and what has been reported to us). Blogs and websites that already had existing PageRank were not affected (that is, their PR was not updated).

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4 thoughts on “PageRank Update on September 14, 2010

  1. After we had a change from PR 0 to 2 on our project on October 23rd there has nothing happened with our other websites. I guess that the pagerank will not be discontinued but maybe there will be just updates of single websites in the future and no "big update".

  2. hi, i see that you're using your own cache, and it's not reflecting the google recent update. let say about a month outdated data. i can understand that you're using your own cache but a month outdated data??

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