November 2011 PageRank Update in Progress

It looks like Google has been busy this quarter. For the second time in the fourth quarter of 2011, there is a PageRank update. A PageRank update is currently in progress, as reported in the Google forums on

We’ve confirmed this PageRank update based on the fact that is now PageRank 4 (was PageRank 3 before today).

Thank you, Google!


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1 thought on “November 2011 PageRank Update in Progress

  1. On your main RankChecker page, you have 4 slots for advertising, one of which is an Advertise Here link.

    I’ve been trying to look at what rates you offer but that link errors, rather than going to the /signup page, it breaks.

    Could you please fix it and let me know when its back up & running?

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