We’ve just updated our Keyword Rank Checker, a tool that determines where your website ranks on Google, Bing, and Yahoo! for a particular keyword.

We’ve enhanced our Google PageRank Checker and All-in-One SEO Checker to check whether the Alexa rank of a website is real or fake (yes, Alexa rank can be faked).

We just added a new tool,  What’s My IP Address, which enables you to check the IP address that is currently assigned to your computer by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

New Contact Form

We just want to let you know that we’ve added a contact form on Rank Checker. We invite you to use the contact form to: Let us know if you encounter issues with any of our tools Send suggestions for improvement Let us know what you think of our Rank Checker tools

It looks like Google has been busy this quarter. For the second time in the fourth quarter of 2011, there is a PageRank update. A PageRank update is currently in progress, as reported in the Google forums on DigitalPoint.com.

False Alarm

What we initially suspected as October 2011 PageRank update was nothing more than a change in the way Google displays PageRank. It was not PageRank update. And it was not a tribute to Steve Jobs.

Earlier today, our fake PageRank checker started showing a gray PageRank bar (indicative of PageRank N/A or unknown) for all sites that we checked.

In just over two months after we launched Rank Checker Beta, we hit the coveted under 100K mark in the Alexa ranking system of websites around the world.

We noticed some movements in some of our sites’s Google PageRank yesterday. We originally thought it was part of Google dance, but it appears that it was actually a minor PageRank update.

If you want to display your website’s Google PageRank on your homepage, we have the easiest, prettiest way to do it — the Rank Checker PageRank widget!

Fake Google PageRank checkers these days (at least those that we’ve tried) are either inaccurate, slow, or broken. And manually verifying the Google PageRank of a domain name using the info: command on Google is not always a good idea.