Fastest Fake Google PageRank (PR) Checker Goes Beta

Fake Google PageRank checkers these days (at least those that we’ve tried) are either inaccurate, slow, or broken. And manually verifying the Google PageRank of a domain name using the info: command on Google is not always a good idea. Why? For two reasons:

  1. It’s slow.
  2. It doesn’t give you other important domain and SEO information, such as the number of backlinks, domain age, and directory listing.

So we’ve developed a new fake PR checker that is fast, accurate, and reliable, and provides domain age and backlink information:

We think you’ll find Rank Checker useful whether you are:

  • Buying a domain name or website: Google PageRank is one of the many metrics that determine the value of a  domain name or website. Some people think that the higher the PageRank is, the more valuable a domain name or website is. If you are using PageRank as one of the metrics when purchasing a domain or website, you can use Rank Checker to verify that the domain’s or website’s PageRank is indeed valid or genuine. (Yes, some people actually fake PageRank so they could sell their website or domain name at higher prices. More on this in a later post).
  • Buying advertising or contextual links from a site with PageRank: Although PR supposedly does not directly affect a site’s ranking in Google’s search results, people who buy online advertising (in the form of sponsored links or posts) still prefer to buy from websites with high PR. If you’re one of these people who buy links and value PageRank so much, make sure you’re not buying from a site with fake PR. Note that Google discourages buying and selling links for the purpose of passing PR.

We’ll also be adding other SEO and webmaster tools later. The tools that we’re working on include SERPs checker for Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, bulk fake PR checker, reverse IP checker, etc.

We welcome your comments and suggestions. We’d love to hear if there’s anything that you think we should add to make the site more useful to you and other users.

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