Google PageRank Widget Feature Now Available

If you want to display your website’s Google PageRank on your homepage, we have the easiest, prettiest way to do it — the Rank Checker PageRank widget! A PageRank widget (some people call it PR badge or PR button) from Rank Checker allows visitors to your website to see what your site’s PR is, even if they don’t have the Google Toolbar installed.

In addition to showing your site’s PageRank, the badge from Rank Checker updates automatically — if your site’s PR goes up or down, the badge will show this change without your having to regenerate the code.

The badge also shows the website’s actual domain name, so people will know right away if someone is displaying a PR badge for a different website. Of course, the PageRank displayed on the badge is verified by Rank Checker — the badge is red if the PageRank is fake and green if it is valid.

What Does It Look Like?

If you’re wondering what the badge looks like, here’s the one for

How Do I Generate It?

  1. Go to the Get PageRank Widget page on Rank Checker. Alternatively, go to the Rank Checker home page, and then click the Get PageRank Widget link under the logo.
  2. In the box below the logo, type your domain name. You can type the domain name with www ( or without www (
  3. Click the Get Widget button. Rank Checker generates the code for the badge. When the code is ready, an image of the PR badge appears below the box on the left and the actual badge code appears on the right.
  4. Copy the code (all of it).
  5. Go to your website, and then paste the code on your home page. If you are using WordPress for your blog, you can insert the code into a WordPress text widget.

That’s it! So easy to use, right? Go ahead and generate the code for your website. Show off your PageRank!

We hope you have fun using this new feature. As usual, if you have any comments, contact us or leave a comment below.

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